Thursday, November 29, 2007

Beat the Dukies!

There's not much out yet about the Duke/Davidson game coming up on Saturday. Until then, you can check out the Duke Basketball official website.

The game will be on ESPN-U, which I do get. Unfortunately for many, the "U" in ESPN-U stands for "unavailable". I'll record the game, but I will also be in attendance at Bobcat Arena. I look forward to another exciting game.

We can really use a "W" in one of these high-profile games to really make a statement. This Duke team is apparently pretty darn good....but so are the Tar Heels, and we could/should have won that game. So, intimidation will NOT be a factor. The guys can pull it out. If you are going, be ready to be loud. We will need plenty of red at the game.

<--Great picture of Jason just mugging that Duke guy.

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Alejandro said...

The only issue being that "that Duke guy" stupidly defected to be a first rounder in the NBA Draft, only to actually become a second rounder haha