Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This post is a little late now, but...

...DAV/ASU was game of the night on Mid-Majority:

Davidson at Appalachian State (SoCon)
Jones Arena - Boone, NC
7:00 PM EST
By Kyle Whelliston

Conference games are already upon us. Can you believe it? Hoops Nation's first league contest of the year happened last Saturday here in the Southern Conference, as Georgia Southern beat Furman. But that one had little on tonight's tilt, which will set the scene for the way the rest of the SoCon season is played.

Davidson. "It." You've heard it all summer. But the Wildcats are 2-2 now, following up their buzzworthy loss to North Carolina with a seven-point drop at Western Michigan on Wednesday (told you the Broncos were good). But the Wildcats are still averaging 90 points a game, and are still one of the best ball-control teams in the nation (14.8 percent turnover rate, 22.5 assists per game), and took out their frustration on poor, defenseless North Carolina Central on Saturday in a 98-50 mauling. And they have Stephen Curry, the best player in mid-majordom despite the fact that national announcers still can't pronounce his name right.

In the yellow corner is Appalachian State, looking to prove themselves after a 25-win season (one was against these Cats) that ended sadly in the NIT's first round. We've already spat 800 words about their current roster and makeup over in ESPN pay-land, but here's the short version: size. They've got it. Lots. Donte Minter, Jeremy Clayton, 6-10 Ike Butts, and a churning rotation of 6-7-and-biggers that Houston Fancher will throw early and often at Davidson. Up at WMU, size helped beat the Wildcats (a team with two 6-8'ers up front), and it's not outside possibility's realm that it could happen again tonight. Skill versus size... who you got?

And this isn't the G!O!T!N! just because I'm going to be there. But stop and say "yo" if you go.

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