Sunday, November 25, 2007

Observations from Kevin Cary

Observations Kevin Cary

• Davidson guard Stephen Curry, the son of former Charlotte Hornet Dell Curry, usually has the most impressive basketball pedigree among players on the court. But that wasn't the case Saturday. N.C. Central forward Joshua Worthy is the nephew of Hall of Famer James Worthy.

• Saturday's win not only helped Davidson gain a little confidence, it also gave some Wildcats a little rest. Guards Jason Richards and Stephen Curry sat out almost 15 minutes of the game because of the rout. Richards especially needed a break -- he had played all but one minute of Davidson's last two games.

• Davidson sophomore forward Stephen Rossiter is becoming one of the team's most polished offensive players. He made all five shots Saturday, and is now shooting 75 percent from the field this season.

• It's early, but a few Wildcats are struggling on 3-pointers. Will Archambault (3-of-20) and Max Paulhus Gosselin (0-of-10) both made at least 36 percent last season, and Curry (14-of-39) is slightly below last season's 41 percent from that range.

• Davidson freshman Brendan McKillop played 10 minutes Saturday, but the 6-foot-1 guard hasn't been used at the point much this season. He's been used more as a combo guard like his older brother Matt was for the Wildcats.

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