Monday, November 26, 2007

Quick observations about the App State win

I watched most of the game on streaming video over the internet (when I wasn't trying to get the kids to bed). Here are a few observations:

The game wasn't quite as close as the score indicated. There were a few cheap points scored by App right at the end. Davidson was in the lead by double digits almost the entire game.

Steph was ridiculously on fire in the first half. He was hitting 3 pointers from 4-5 feet behind the arc, and pulling up to shoot so quickly that no defender could contest his shot. He also played well on the boards, getting 6 rebounds. He also took a charge, had a block and 4 steals.

Jason's shot was off, but he still had 7 assists and 5 rebounds. I have total confidence in Jason. He made me nervous when he was a sophomore, but now I get nervous if we don't have Jason in the game. He's the man at point.

Bryant Barr is starting to get his shot going. Good to see that. We are going to need it against Duke.

Will Archambault continues to struggle. We need him, and I know he'll work through it and get back on track. We need him badly against Duke.

Boris didn't miss his dunk. In fact, he threw it down in transition with two hands and with style!

The Davidson defense really seemed to be swarming around, contesting passes and shots.

Davidson only had 2 foul shots in the entire game, and that was in the last couple of minutes. That is just sort of strange...but to me it seemed like that was probably due to Davidson's shooting mainly from outside.

I want Max to get his shot going a little bit. He's great on D, and getting a few points out of him would be an added bonus.

Thomas and Boris: very solid tonight.

I almost worry about getting too dependent on Steph's scoring. It's great to see Steph drop 38 on an opponent, but I would almost rather see more equally distributed scoring. I don't want to see the team not have a legit scoring threat if Steph gets in foul trouble or something.

The announcer at the game apparently introduced Steph as "Steven Curry". He doesn't like that very much, according to McKillop. The students were also all over Steph before the game. Well, he shut them up pretty quickly with about 8 points in the first 2 minutes, and 26 in the half.

Lastly....38 points: I'd say Steph's left hand is just fine.

Go Cats!!!

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Dick Barney '67 said...

Couldn't agree with you more. There is a danger of becoming like the Billy Cunningham Tar Heels, a one-man show that only gets you so far. Would that Steph were another Bill Bradley!