Monday, November 12, 2007

UNC game on the horizon: Wednesday night on ESPN nationally

There is nothing on their site yet about Davidson. I would imagine that they'll put up game notes, etc. soon, though. They are likely taking this game lightly, which is good for Davidson.
Bob giving directions against UNC in 2003.

Peter Anderer in the Dean Dome a few years ago.

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Anonymous said...

Carolina has a press conference today at 2 and the game guide should be up either tonight or in the morning. That's pretty standard procedure, because they generally wait until the day before game day to have press conferences and so without quotes, they can't write much. Believe me, if no one else Roy Williams is taking this game seriously. I know I am. I just hope that the team is as well. I know he's been showing them tape of the Maryland-Davidson game last season, and Maryland beat us. This Davidson team is much better than that one so that's scary.