Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Top-Ranked Tar Heels Ready To Take Court
By Lauren Brownlow
The Tar Heels certainly have had all kinds of trouble forgetting about the way that last season ended. But seven months and twenty days later, the Tar Heels will take the court in the season-opener in Charlotte against Davidson tomorrow night...

...Some teams might open with what the pundits would dub "cupcakes," but going on the road to face a tough Davidson team that took Maryland to the brink last season in the NCAA Tournament is far from easy. "Opening against a quality opponent like Davidson is probably more difficult than where you're playing, it's who you're playing. Five starters back from a team that won 29 games, a very confident team, a very well-coached team, a very dangerous team, regardless of who they play and where they play. So that's probably a bigger part of it than just on the road, it's who we're playing. But we've lost a few of them and still done okay and we've won a few of them and struggled the next couple of games," Coach Williams said...

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