Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wildcats defeat Furman, 71-63

Jason Richards & Thomas Sander talk after the game.
How would I describe that game? Well, let's just say I'll take a scrappy, sloppy win and go home.

The scorer's table was absolutely pathetic. They screwed up the shot clock about 5 different times. McKillop even yelled at the scorer's table in the first half "Get your butts in the game!" (meaning that the table official did not have his head in the game).

The officiating was not all that great. When I say that, it is not so much that there were bad calls made, but that the officiating often times dictated the flow of the game, instead of simply governing the game (I hope that makes sense). Ideally, the officials would not be noticed all that much. Tonight they were front and center.

Steph didn't play particularly well, and Thomas Sander was his usual self (the heart and soul). There never seemed to be much flow to the offense. However, that is going to happen. It's a sign of a good team when they have a game like that, and still manage to pull out a victory. Sort of like how Tiger Woods can be off his game, but still knows how to scrape together a good enough score to win.

MPG did play pretty well. Overall the team did hustle a great deal. Lovedale was scrappy, and Boris (despite missing a wide-open dunk) played hard. Jason Richards was the glue, along with Sander. Davidson did rebound pretty well, but I haven't seen the stats. There were several possessions where Davidson got 3 or 4 offensive boards.

Good road victory against a pretty good team. Furman can shoot 3s and had some good cuts to the basket. I would say they are a much better coached team than they were under Larry Davis.

I'll take that one and go home with a "W".

Also, it's great to have a Davidson game played 2 miles from my house!

PS: I also forgot to mention how the scoreboard operator gave a Furman basket to Davidson, then gave the basket to Furman, but didn't take it away from Davidson. Then, FINALLY, the ref came over, and I guess they got the "book" out or something, and finally figured out the &*$%#@ score. It was really quite ridiculous. I've never seen a scorer's table so horribly managed in a game.

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