Thursday, January 18, 2007

Another school known as the Davidson Wildcats??

Yes, there is a high school called Hilliard Davidson High School.....and, yes, their mascot is the Wildcat.

The Hilliard Davidson Wildcats. At least their colors are not red and black.

From their website:

About Davidson High:

As our mission statement reads, we believe the best education is the result of a strong partnership between parents, teachers, and community members, and taking an interest in your child's school is a first step to becoming an active part in our educational community.

At Davidson High School, we are proud of our strong academic, fine arts, and athletic programs, and I encourage you to carefully navigate through this site to learn more about the great things happening in our building. You'll find we're a school that is home to a myriad of courses, clubs, teams, activities, and events designed to best meet the needs of all Davidson High School students.

With Wildcat Pride,
John Bandow

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Anonymous said...

Big difference, Hilliard Davidson is actually good at football. Actually I live in Central Ohio and when I tell people I went to Davidson they assume I got a high school education.