Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Davidson grad encounters 2 Missouri basketball players

This is a post from DavidsonCats.com. I thought it was good enough to pass along here.

Posted by TexCat:

"I'm in Austin, TX this week and I was on the hotel elevator a minute ago and much to my shock two Missouri basketball players got on as well. I was on my way to a purely beach muscle workout and was sporting a burnt orange Texas workout shirt and Davidson Football shorts (collectors' items that cannot be purchased at the bookstore). They are playing Texas tomorrow night and were looking at my clothing with a menacing grin. We started chatting and I told them I was a Davidson grad and that I was also a Texas native. They started laughing and said that I must absolutely hate Mizzou being a Davidson and Texas fan, especially since they beat the Wildcats earlier this season. I smirked at them and I told them that considering they are a Big 12 power that one win over the Cats out of three tries ain't bad and to keep winning to help our RPI. Since they were both about 6'5" I figured I was pushing my luck with my friendly trash talk, so I bid them good luck and told them I look forward to upsetting them in March...and to have fun getting dunked on by Texas' Kevin Durant tomorrow night. Then I ran away giggling like a school girl before getting beat up. True story, I just got back from the gym and wanted to let everyone know. Go Cats."

Good stuff, TexCat.

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Anonymous said...

wow what a story! i really hope we will play them again!