Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Video clips for the Citadel game


I will not be at the game against The Citadel. Therefore, I won't be able to bring you any video highlights as I have the past few games.

Traffic on this site has been very high since the video clips have been posted, so I assume that you all enjoy being able to see the highlights....especially those of you that are in far-away places. Since the video seems to be a popular feature on the site, I need you all to help me out, so that we can all enjoy the action.

If any of you are going to be at the game and have a camera, please feel free to video a some short clips of the game. Then you can do one of two things. First, you can upload the video to YouTube yourself (or whatever hosting site you prefer) and send me the link to the video. Then I can embed the video here on the blog. Second, you could email the video file to me if it's not too big, and I can upload it myself. However, most video files would probably be too big to email.

(Man, when did I turn into a computer geek?)

STUDENTS: I know that some of you read this site, and I know that you also have the ability to make short videos......especially you water-ballooning guys on 4th Richardson. Help me out, students!

To the guys on 4th Richardson: my son loved the water-ballooning clip so much he made me take his picture in the very spot where it came crashing down. (See photo on left.)

FYI: I will be attending the App. State game on Saturday with my wife and two children, and spending the night at the Davidson Village Inn. So, I should be able to post video clips from Saturday's game. Dinner at the Brickhouse after the game?

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Stan said...

I'm planning on staying for the hall of fame dinner and then driving home over the mtns. Will look to meet some of the forum (asylum) inmates at the App game. Perhaps JR can make the introductions as he should know most of the players without need of a scorecard.