Sunday, January 14, 2007

Last 1:30 of the Wofford game

With about a 1:30 left in the game, Davidson had a 4 point lead and the ball. Jason Richards drove to the basket and barely missed a layup. Wofford got the rebound and hit a big 3-pointer to cut the Davidson lead to 1 point.

With Davidson up by only 1 point with less than a minute to play, William "Big Willie" Archambault nails a 3 pointer to put Davidson up by 4 points. This bucket essentially sealed the game for Davidson.
Wofford then failed to score on their next possession. Boris Meno grabbed the rebound, and was fouled by Wofford with 15.1 seconds left in the game, sending Meno to the line.

With 15.1 seconds left in the game and Davidson up by 4 points, Boris Meno was fouled after getting a rebound off a missed Wofford shot. Boris steppped up and hit both free throws to put Davidson up 81-75.

After Boris Meno hit two free throws, Wofford brought the ball down the court. Wofford missed the shot, and Steph Curry got the rebound. Wofford promptly fouled Curry, sending Curry to the line with about 4 seconds left in the game. Davidson was leading 81-75.

With about 4 seconds left in the game, Stephen Curry hits two free throws to put Davidson up 83-75.

With Davidson up 81-73 and 4 seconds left, Wofford inbounds the ball and makes a meaningless 3-pointer at the buzzer. Davidson wins, 83-78.

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