Saturday, February 03, 2007

UNC-G post-game comment

I'm going to pass on the obvious topics from today's game until a little later. I want to comment on the play of a Wildcat that does not get much attention, but is a HUGE part of the success of this team.

Max hustles and busts his tail every minute that he's on the floor. Watching the game on TV today made me really appreciate the little things that he does that contrbuted to the victory. His effort on defense causes confusion and disarray for opponents. At the beginning of the second half, Max tipped the inbounds pass that UNC-G made and almost got a steal. Most players would not have made such an effort for the inbounds pass that opened the second half. He also puts relentless pressure on his man. These plays alone do not win games, but the consistent hustle and making these sort of plays over and over do win games. That's what Max does.

I think most fans appreciate what he does. His hustle just really stood out to me today, and I wanted to give him credit for what he did.

Great hustle today, Max. Keep it up. Your effort is noticed and appreciated. We will need you to continue your outstanding defense in this final stretch of the season.

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