Saturday, February 24, 2007

After the Furman game

I was watching the Furman game on SoCon TV. Just before the video feed was cut after the game, they showed the entire Davidson team go into the stands and pose for a picture with a fan. It was very hard to tell what was taking place and who the fan was. Kilgo was describing it, but he could not really tell what was going on either.
I had somewhat forgotten about it, until I received an email with this picture attached (photo credit to J. Bailey). This is apparently a long-time Davidson fan that has developed ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). If anybody knows more details, please share them with us. If any of this information is incorrect, please let us know as well.
Once again, McKillop and the Davidson Wildcats show they are truly a class act.
UPDATE -This was posted by JR on
"Dick Sanderson, who has ALS, has been a great fan of Davidson for over a decade. To my knowledge, he has not missed a game since coming down with the disease almost 3 years ago. Dick has coached youth basketball, baseball and soccer here in Davidson. The two of us actually coached Brendan McKillop in youth soccer years ago. He is a dear friend of Bob McKillop and most people in town. One of the nicest, most genuine individuals you will ever meet. He has a GREAT spirit even with this cruel disease! Speaks volumes about Bob and our program to take this picture. Rather than cutting down nets and doing other self-promoting activities, our TEAM goes up to be photographed with a gentleman who will cherish that photo the rest of his life. I love to win, but this is the real part of being a Wildcat. Never seen a group of kids and coaches who care more about their fans, school and community. This intangible is what sets Bob and his program apart from many others. What a thoughtful gesture!"

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