Monday, February 12, 2007

Today's Charleston Post & Courier articles

C of C student fans rank last
The College of Charleston basketball team has done its part, winning 14 of its last 16 games...
...While the Cougars have been one of the most respected teams in the SoCon every season since the school joined the league, the non-participating students at John Kresse Arena over the years have established a reputation as the most unorganized, uncreative and apathetic fans in the SoCon.
Jermaine Johnson was about to board a plane back to his hometown of Los Angeles when he got the phone call.
The College of Charleston forward pressed the cell phone to his ear to make sure he'd heard the message correctly. The call came from College of Charleston forward Josh Jackson and at first Johnson thought his fellow front-court teammate was playing a joke on him.
Gregg Marshall had just resigned as the Cougars' head coach...

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