Thursday, February 21, 2008

There's some RIDICULOUS smack being talked by a Winthrop grad/blogger...

on the Rock Hill Herald website. Here are a few examples:

even the casual basketball fan can appreciate Davidson’s success, evidence
that people can dress like Mr. Rogers and still play ball.

The trust fund babies lauded Davidson’s Max Gosselin for his eight steals
in a game earlier this week.

Even Davidson’s wanna-be Ivy League tuition can’t add up to the Eagles’
recent success.

The final advice for the sweatervest crowd Friday night: Leave the croquet
mallets at the country club and borrow 20 bucks from your chauffeur.
Because even though the City Club will be open for martinis before the game, the
Winthrop Coliseum doesn’t accept American Express.

Last, but not least:

Stephen Curry (pronounced STEF-en, because evidently the son of an ex-NBA
player is exempt from normal pronunciations)

Somebody PLEASE show that last quote to Steph. The last time somebody messed with his name like that, he dropped 38 points on them in a beatdown.

If you want to let this guy know what you think about his comments, feel free to drop him a note or a call. They post this info on their website, so it's fair game:

Adam O'Daniel
(803) 329-4069

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Anonymous said...

well, it must suck to go to a crappy school and have a crappy basketball team. I'd like to say more, but i have a croquet date with my bff, Buffy