Monday, February 18, 2008

DM's Furman post-game thoughts

There is no sure victory in the Southern Conference -- UNCG learned that twice last week.

But Saturday found Belk Arena filled with certainty. So much certainty, in fact, that the Davidson student section, with 33 minutes left to play, began choruses of Na-Na Nah Nah. Hey Hey Hey. Goodbye. Furman felt the rout in this one, dropping an 86-51 decision that wasn't even THAT close.

The best part? You had as many points in the first eight minutes as Furman's leading scorer. Congratulations.

Davidson opened the game with a 19-0 run.

Will Archambault led all scorers and was absolutely resurgent. In just 20 minutes of work, he had 28 points (on 11 for 14 shooting with five 3-pointers) and 6 boards. That's a performance and an efficiency we haven't seen from young William this year.

Steph Curry, despite eclipsing his season scoring average, played second banana with 26 points, 5 assists.

I was at this game and, I have to say, it was nice to remove all doubt for once.

I'm not sure this has been mentioned before, but I noticed it for the second time on Saturday. Steph Curry, right before the opening tip, makes a point to run over and hug Boris Meno -- and only Boris Meno -- on the bench. Some kind of ritual, maybe? I noticed it last week against C of C and again this week. Check me tomorrow night if you're watching on ESPN2.


In other news, Monday brings another week of NCAA Tournament seeding speculation.

Most every media outlet that participates in guessing -- at least the ones I've seen -- now agrees that Davidson, barring an upset in the conference tournament, merits a 12-seed in the postseason. A couple of those sites:

Bracketography ( - 12-seed vs. #5 Louisville in Denver, CO
Bracketology ( - 12-seed vs. #5 Washington State in Denver, CO

Both of these sites had the 'Cats playing in Tampa, FL as late as last week. This is all idle speculation, of course, but you can see Davidson's media support growing as conference wins pile up. Many people, including commenters on this site, didn't believe Davidson capable of anything near a 12 soon after our losses at UCLA and NC State. I hope reality bears this positive news out.


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Will Bryan said...

As far as I know, Curry started doing it at the first game of 2008...the first game Boris didn't start. I saw it as a sign of solidarity behind a player in Boris that must be frustrated at being a senior captain and not starting. That whole team knows what Boris does. That's just Curry's very explicit expression of it. I think it's a pretty incredible ritual.