Friday, February 08, 2008

A note from the author

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm running out of gas. Quite honestly, I'm not sure how much longer I can keep things going here. I'm tired. I'm ready to just simply watch the games again and pull for the Wildcats.....just be a regular fan without a more video, no more pictures.

When I started this site, there was NOTHING on the internet for DC basketball, other than the old official website (which was severely lacking). I thought I could consolidate the little bit of coverage that we get and put it all here for a few people to see. Now, however, there seems to be a number of outlets for Davidson fans that have come into existence since the inception of this website in January 2006. There is the VERY busy message board over at, there's Will's World and a new DC hoops blog (Lefty's Legacy), and the official website which has much more available now (they even have their own blogger). Additionally, Davidson is getting much more coverage with the national press. There just seems to be a lot more about Davidson out there now for everyone to check out.

What is the future of this site? At this point, I don't know. Despite getting 58,000+ hits (98,000+ page views) since January 2006, I don't begin to assume that this site has any importance at all. But, at the same time, I hate to just let this site die, because I feel like this does promote the program in a positive manner....(which could maybe make some difference in some small way).

At any rate, I've been going at it pretty darn hard for a little over two years (parts of three seasons now). I'm about burned out. I anticipate making it through the end of this season. After that, though, I'm not sure what I'm going to do.



4th Watts said...

Don't give up yet! This is just the mid-winter malaise that always tends to settle on college hoops fans at this time of year. In only a few weeks, though, the conference tournaments will begin, and the excitement of March Madness will renew your passion for Davidson and college bball in general.

It's been a long and emotional season for Davidson fans, but the best part is still just around the corner. Your blog has been a reliable cornerstone of the Davidson blogging triumvirate this season (including Will's World and Lefty's Legacy). We're all a little tired, probably, but as Davidson regains it's national spotlight, our blogs are going to need to be there to serve the public's thirst for Davidson College bball news.

Jarred said...

I certainly hope you won't quit, but I do understand your feelings. I think 4th Watts is right... we're in the calm before the March Madness storm. I would give it until the end of the season, just so you can say you did it all the way through. For people like us who are away from the school (I'm an '07 grad), your and Will's blogs ARE important. They make us feel a little closer to the game, to the players, and to the community. So if you think for some reason that it's not important, you would be mistaken.

But if you decide to retire, I would consider looking for someone to take up the reins. I'm sure there are others in the community who would be interested in filling this important roll. Put an ad in the paper, post an entry calling for a volunteer (or a team), talk to Will Bryan, etc.

Either way, I hope you decide to keep it up. Thanks for what you do.


Jarred said...

One more thing.

I played in the pep band for most of college, and was its president last year. Times were tough, I was depressed about the lack of student involvement. I managed to pull together enough musicians to take a band to SoCon and to Buffalo, and Coach McKillop wrote me an email telling me this:

"Remember every time you walk into Belk Arena and see those 2007 banners, that you played a part in getting them there."

This year the pep band has a robust student presence, and without being too presumptuous I think I had a part in laying the groundwork for it.

All this to say, by rallying the web community around this team, you're on the team. You play a part. And the effects of what you do may not be seen by you or others until much later. So, if you're tired that's one thing. But if you think this blog isn't important, then e-mail Coach McKillop and see what he thinks.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

The ESPN snapshot of Curry

Anonymous said...

I for one would hate to see you go. I love the site.

Ferrell said...

i love this site. i check it every day during the season, and so do several friends. whether you continue or not, i appreciate everything you do to promote davidson. brent ferrell '00

Anonymous said...

get a couple of guest bloggers. At a minimum, let them post the standard stuff for you that we find on the web. Keep you audience until you get recharged.


Anonymous said...

Man: Get a grip, please. Your blog's terrific content and insights are NOT available anywhere else. Accordingly, I implore you to take whatever performance enhancing drugs or human growth hormones you can obtain from Roger Clemens or elsewhere. I am confident that everyone connected to the 'Cats will tell you that your contributions to the team's success, while not directly measurable, are significant. Thank you for all that you have done, and will do, for DC basketball. KAO, 1971

Anonymous said...

i love this site!!! i would hate for you to stop writing on here, its an awesome site and i always come read this stuff!!

Anonymous said...

A couple of months ago I was reading your blog and was amazed at how often you update the blog. My one thought: How does this guy find the time? My point: understandable that you're getting tired. I think you should hand it over to guest bloggers and update it yourself when you can. This is by far my favorite Davidson blog to visit -- hate to see it go.

Germain Archambault said...

I've been reading your Blog ever since Will (Archambault) my son has been on the team, and I'll continue reading it well past his graduation. You have definately been putting a lot of time and effort to make this work... and IT HAS!
You not only bring the students closer to the team; you permit the parents, friends & neighbors of the student athletes & coaches to feel closer to the team. Some of us may have taken these efforts for granted; I'm personally sorry that I've not congradulated and thanked you for this great work before. You've done excellent work and I really hope you will continue.

Keep up the good work... and thanks!

From Davidson "Parent"

Germain Archambault

Anonymous said...

I check this blog 4-5 times a day. I would be terribly disappointed to see it go. As an alum and an avid fan, I can tell you honestly it is the best thing out there Re: Davidson Basketball.

Please don't stop!!!

Thank you for all your time and effort.

matt said...

this is my go-to site for DC BB coverage. Losing it would be terrible. I understand the burnout - but don't do anything rash just yet.
take the offseason to unwind, recharge and don't touch it until next fall. Or maybe you can pull a roger clemens and start blogging again halfway through the season. just stay off the steroids.
we need this site - it was the first, and still is the best.

Megan '07 said...

Oh man, I would be so sad if you did that. I know there are other Wildcat blogs out there, but this is always the one I come to b/c it's easily the best.

Maybe you could get a couple of other fans to post and help you out? That way the site wouldn't feel so overwhelming to you.

Anyway, I hope you reconsider, b/c I think this blog is great.