Friday, February 22, 2008

Curry cold, Richards hot, Cats beat Winthrop by 13

That was an ugly game, but a good win. I was a bit concerned - no, very concerned - about that game. We definitely showed that we were the better team. But, it was ugly.

I'm glad Steph got that game out of his system, and Jason continues to be a stud.

Very ugly (but very good) win. If you had told me we'd win by 13 tonight, I'd have jumped for joy. Good job, Jason!

Another thing: That win will look better on paper than it did on TV, and that can't do anything but help when it comes time for NCAA bids. BUT....let's just take care of business and get the automatic bid.


Anonymous said...

The lads' win was ugly only in the sense that, other than "Field General" Richards, their shooting percentage from the field was below the norm. In addition to the usual exemplary defensive intensity, the lads' impressive display of calm composure in responding to Super Steff's off nite demonstrates emphatically that these 'Cats are the real deal. More than ever, the lads won as a team, a very good team. KAO'71

Ricky Dimon said...

it's not better that the game looked better on paper than it did on TV. It was on ESPN2 - the committee saw it with its own eyes.

Anonymous said...

I dissent, respectively. Any knowledgeable TV viewer watching the game should be impressed that the Cats are not a one man team. We won big while our best player contributed only sporadically. This entire team effort reflects very favorably on the overall quality of Davidson. In my view, we will get greater respect from the Selection Committee because we won decisively, while not playing our best ball. KAO'71