Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wildcats pull out a win @ Elon, 59-57

WOW!!! Exciting game. Much more to come.

In summary, Davidson trailed almost the entire game, Steph didn't have a good night until the last couple of minutes, and - from what I could tell from listening - we just couldn't get things going the entire game. But, good teams find a way to pull out a win when they don't bring their best game. This was a big win against a tough opponent. These types of games are going to happen. It's exciting to see the guys just find a way to win.

Thomas Sander stepped up big in this one (12 pts/13 rebs), as well as Lovedale. Jason had 10 assists. Lovedale had a big block in the closing seconds to help seal the game.

Steph had 15, with about 8 of those 15 coming in the last couple of minutes. His two 3pt shots were HUGE, as well as a driving left-handed layup.

Big win. Very exciting finish. I try to never take winning for granted, and my nervous energy right now shows that I don't.

Whew (wiping brow).


Dick Barney '67 said...

Good to see Davidson back at least in the mid-major rankings. It is also evident that the RPI rankings give substantial credit for road wins, even against seemingly weak opposition. That's the first step toward improving their chances for NCAA placement - showing they can win on the road even in bank-box gymnasiums.

Anonymous said...

John Kilgo is one terrific announcer, but might do well to keep his inner feelings to his inner self, whenever he gets the vibe that a game is going to go down to the final shoot. Talk about self fulfilling prophesy! KAO, 1971