Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Davidson: "Team on a Mission"

Teams on a mission!
By Kyle Whelliston on January 22, 2008

I always think of BYU when folks say this, and it's one of those dumb things that sports-people like to work in, sure. Everyone's on a mission to win, some teams and players just aren't good at executing that. But there are some squads that are putting up big scores.

Like Davidson! We'll talk about the Wildcats a little later when we unroll this week's State ratings. But they're now 9-0 and in full control of the SoCon (again). Davidson's won seven in a row to go 11-6 overall (or, rather, 11-2 without the Duke, UNC, UCLA and N.C. State games included) and took its traveling roadshow to Western Carolina last night, where it thrashed the catamounts 82-67. Stephen Curry, a name you probably remember, poured in 29 points of liquidy basketball goodness and is now the nation's fifth-leading scorer at 24.1 ppg. On a mission!

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