Saturday, January 12, 2008

Davidson beats Wofford like a rented mule, 85-50

I've got photos and video highlights to post (I missed Boris Meno's dunk, though).

This was a beat-down from the opening seconds. Wofford was never in the game, and it was not even as close as the score indicates. Davidson was up by 43 or so at one point. It was ugly for Wofford.

By the way, if you had any doubt left, you shouldn't any longer. Big Willie is BACK. He is playing with much more confidence and hitting his shots, dropping 15 points in 15 minutes tonight.

Here's a link to Coach McKillop's post-game interview: click here

Box Score: click here


Will Bryan said...

"rented mule?" i thought it was yard dog

Anonymous said...

Enuff of the non-PC animal cruelty analogies. Let's just say we beat them like formerly fighten and dying Christians. Oops, sorry that was Elon. KAO, '71