Thursday, January 03, 2008

WIldcats destroy Ga Southern, 92-67

Davidson rolled to a big win tonight against Georgia Southern in a Southern Conference game. Davidson was in the lead by 30+ points at one point.

Sidenote: Steph also scored his 1,000th point as a Wildcat tonight. He is the second fastest in Davidson history to score 1,000 points (Fred Hetzel was the fastest, according to John Kilgo on the Davidson broadcast).

Good win. More to come.


Dick Barney '67 said...

I suspect there must have been a lot of pent-up frustration there, particularly when Georgia Southern was ranked in the mid-major poll and Davidson was not. Must have felt good!

Dick Barney '67 said...

"Bob McKillop hasn't -
beaten a ranked team
beaten a top RPI 100 team in 2 years
beaten a Division I team with a winning record this year . . .


Anonymous said...

...And beat that Top 100 team very handily, to say the least.


maber said...

I love the "Davidson bail-out" that happened in the national media over the past few weeks.

A 4-6 team must really suck, right?

I could be wrong down the line about Georgia Southern...they certainly play physical (read: cheap) basketball...but they're not in our class.

We won handily. Steph looked awesome -- brave in the lane against a borderline dirty GS squad.

I like the move starting Andrew Lovedale as well. He's got talent. Certainly a more confident, more flexible presence than Meno.

We mostly looked like a basketball team.

Dick Barney '67 said...

Didn't hurt Davidson's RPI either, going from 160 down to 125 in one leap! I suspect they will be back in the mid-major rankings by next week. Even the ESPN majors rankings gave them one vote this week! However, they will be more convinced by wins on the road than at home.

Dick Barney '67 said...


for renewed interest by the national media in Davidson's chances in the NCAA.