Monday, March 05, 2007

Time for a haircut?


Davidson's 72-65 victory against College of Charleston in the Southern Conference championship Saturday will create a buzz around town this week, but the Davidson players were enjoying another kind of buzz after the game.
Davidson athletic trainer Ray Beltz got an impromptu haircut in the lobby of the team hotel in front of dozens of Davidson fans and team members Saturday night. They reveled in the moment, taking photos and cheering as each clump of Beltz's hair fell to the floor.
Davidson players took turns making Beltz pay for a promise he made in October. Beltz told the team, which graduated seven seniors from last season, that he'd agree to a buzz cut if it won the conference tournament again.
Forward Thomas Sander made Beltz document his promise, and the signed contract has hung in the Davidson locker room all season. Beltz acknowledged Saturday night that he liked his chances at the time, because the team was so inexperienced. But Davidson exceeded expectations.
Beltz had agreed to a buzz cut, but senior John Falconi shaved a strand too deep, forcing Beltz to go nearly bald.
(Note: Falconi's close shave was certainly no accident. The players were loving it!)

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