Monday, March 12, 2007

From Charlotte Observer

Winthrop, Davidson certainly happy to be in tournament but long for a better spot
ROCK HILL --Selection Sunday is a strange brew. Even if you are guaranteed a spot, happiness mixes with high anxiety and frustration. Few teams get exactly what they want -- a high enough seed, a perfect geographic site and a great matchup....
...Davidson folks weren't terribly happy with the Wildcats' No. 13 seed and trip to Buffalo, N.Y., to play Maryland. It's a matchup Lefty Driesell, who coached at both schools, might love, but Davidson (29-4) could easily have been seeded higher or drawn a less athletic first-round opponent....
...Of the four teams in the Carolinas, there's no doubt North Carolina has the best chance to advance to the Final Four. But there's no telling what March will bring. It would be a great story if Winthrop or Davidson turned into this year's George Mason.

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