Friday, March 16, 2007

From the Observer

McKillop-Curry is a good collaboration

With his team's season in the balance, Davidson coach Bob McKillop pointed to Stephen Curry.

"Be strong, Steph," he said.

Curry had been an anchor, scoring 28 points and keeping Davidson within four, 67-63.

McKillop wanted to milk a final 3 minutes of magic. McKillop, 56, maximizes what he gets from Curry by knowing when to challenge and when to comfort.

"He makes you get better every time you are around him," said Curry, a 19-year-old freshman.

McKillop put his arm around Curry after he had missed four of his first five shots. "Relax," McKillop said.

When he came back in, Curry cooked. He made his last four shots of the half, but McKillop was proudest of Curry's assist on an Andrew Lovedale layup.

"He doesn't want to do everything," McKillop said. "This is not all about him. He doesn't put himself on a pedestal; he puts his team on a pedestal."

He can't help but try to take over sometimes. McKillop pulled Curry briefly with 7 minutes left, after his star had an offensive foul, two turnovers and poor shots.

Curry agreed with the move, but he couldn't regain his touch even after McKillop's final message. The crowd gave him a standing ovation after Curry fouled out, but Curry tossed a towel in frustration as he walked off the court after the game.

Like his coach, Curry knows he can still do better.

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