Monday, March 12, 2007


Davidson fans gearing up for the 'Big Dance'
When it comes to Davidson College basketball, 79-year-old Kenneth Norton is a living history book.
He has been cutting hair at a small barber shop across from the school on Main Street for decades. He remembers when Davidson College not only went to the Big Dance, but actually won a few games.
“They defeated Ohio State early on in the 60s,” Norton said. “They always played well against those big schools.”
In 1969, Davidson made it to the Elite 8, but since then, the Wildcats have not won a single game during the NCAA Tournament.
“Davidson has grown over the years, but not as much as those big schools,” Norton said.
Monday, on the campus of Davidson College, most students said this year’s team was the perfect team to break that loosing streak. “There’s always that David vs. Goliath thing, and there’s always that seed of hope that we’re going to win,” said senior Neil Andrews.
The Wildcats will play No. 17 Maryland in Buffalo, N.Y., on Thursday.

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