Friday, November 17, 2006

Wildcats to face Missouri on Sunday

I'm out of town this weekend, so I won't be posting until game time on Sunday night.

Several things to remember:

Wildcats going for 3 in a row against Missouri. This would be a huge win. I really think we have a good shot at this one, with the way the team is playing better than expected.

Click here for the Missouri Basketball official website.

Click here for the Missouri message board. There's already a thread entitled "Davidson Curse Dies Sunday!!!". We'll see about that. You can go in and search for the word "Davidson", and it will pull up all posts about us.

You can watch the game over the internet through the Missouri All Access website for $6.95. Click here to go to the All Access website.

Man, I hope we beat them again. Wouldn't that just be fun?!

Davidson GAME NOTES: Click here.

Here's a good post from the message board giving us props:

"Mizzou hasn't beaten Davidson the last two years .... until they do that, then Davidson is still the biggest challenge on their schedule (until the Arkansas game). And for the record, yes, Davidson did lose some off their team from last year, but they also bring back Meno and Sander, who were both great against the Tigers last year. And they added the conference's preseason newcomer of the year in Curry. Curry is averaging around 20 to start the year. To think Davidson will be a cakewalk is foolish. How long have you been a Tiger fan? You should know better than to count your chickens before they hatch."

Have a great weekend, and watch the Cats on the net Sunday night!

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