Friday, November 17, 2006

Archambault needs a nickname

The name "Archambault" is just way too difficult to type over and over for the next four years. This guy is in dire need of a nickname. Please come up with a good nickname for him....make my blogging life easier.

Any ideas?


C. Daniel said...

It's unlikely that he grew up on a farm, but if he did, you could call him the arcadian Canadian. That's not much easier to type, but sounds great!

Stan said...


I always liked Betty and Veronica, though.

wild said...


Will the Thrill



Anonymous said...

I suggest "Will". Everyone knows him by that name... back home when you say "Will" they all know who your talking about!

Anonymous said...

I agree!
We all know who "Will" is on campus.
Get used to the name "Will"?
We already have!
Go Will!!

wibryan said...

Man I thought I was Will. Too bad...I guess players always trump writers on campuses.