Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Watch all home games via the internet

You can subscribe to SoCon TV and watch all men's and women's Davidson home games (along with a bunch of other SoCon stuff). I just signed up, so I can see as many games as I can. It costs $44.95 for the academic year, or you may pay $5.95 per game, if you prefer. I just went ahead and got the whole package so I won't have to mess with paying each time.

Click here to go to SoCon TV.

UPDATE: I'm not 100% sure about how good the resolution will be for the streaming video. I watched a clip from one of the tournament games from last season, and the resolution was not all that great. It was, however, good enough to watch and tell what is happening....it's just not like actual TV. Part of the problem had to do with the lighting in the building. Hopefully the lighting in Belk Arena will be better, so that we can more clearly see everything. I'd give the video feed that I saw a C+.

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