Wednesday, November 15, 2006

They're not happy on the UIC message board

Click here to read the Davidson game thread.

Here are a few samples:

Regarding Kilgo:
"I'm listening to the Davidson broadcast. This guy is a silly hillbilly!"
"this guy is killing me with 'Illinois-Chicago'. Has he not seen the Flames on ESPN at all or does he not even notice the 'UIC' on the team uniforms?"

The blog got a shout-out:
"finally found the link through Davidson's blog homepage, I guess they took exception to us not believe that Davidson is a good team."
Yep, you are right about that! (I'd say they know better now.)

Regarding Davidson's shooting:
"hmmm....UIC giving up wide open 3s each time down the court....sounds like we haven't learned a thing over the past few years..."
"seems like they have an answer for every big shot we make.....after every three that they come right down and nail another huge shot"

On Thomas Sander:
"No one can stop this Thomas Sander."
(They used to say that about Ian, too.)

Regarding their center:
"For the love of all that's holy, can anyone explain why Vandermeer, our 7-foot center known for defense, just shot a 3-pointer?... "

Getting respect:
"Davidson is a quality team and a tough place to play."

On our freshmen:
"Two freshman lit us up. Makes me think that Davidson is doing something right, two great young guys on their team."

And last, but not least....the token, post-loss rant:
"We gave up 100 points....that is freaking pathetic. We lost to a Davidson team that lost a lot of players to graduation...we end up losing to a bunch of freshmen by more than UWM lost at Michigan tonight....congrats Jimmy and Co. for once again making the HL and UIC look like trash."

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