Sunday, December 02, 2007

My thoughts and observations from the Davidson/Duke game

-At times, Steph was trying too hard to make something happen. He got himself in position a couple of times where he had to throw up wild shots. He also had 4 fouls...all 4 were charges. In my humble opinion, that's a sign of being a bit out of control.

-Big Willie hit a 3. Maybe he's getting his shot going now. We need him to get rolling.

-The game yesterday was not a one-man-show, which was a good thing. The scoring was fairly evenly spread, which is what we need in games like this. We don't stand as good a shot at beating a team like this if Steph is scoring 30+ points, and only one or two others are in double figures. This game was an all-around team effort.

-Max is tentative. He missed a shot or two early, and then he would not shoot the ball after that. He was on the wing a couple of times with absolutely nobody around him within 6-7 feet and would not shoot. MPG has got to get into the scoring column somehow; we need him to contribute more. I did notice that one of his early shots looked like a line drive at the rim...very little arc to it.

-I couldn't believe the number of missed foul shots. Unreal.

-The crowd was DEAD in the first half, but that was due to the fact that Duke was builidng a substantial lead. The crowd got more into the game in the second half, as the team began chipping away at the Duke lead.

-There was breakfast served on the club level before the game for the Alumni that bought tickets to that gathering. The food was great.

-I'm encouraged and discouraged after that game. What I mean by that is this. I'm encouraged by seeing our guys have another close game with one of the best teams in the country. I'm discouraged because we need to win one of these sooner or later (hopefully sooner). So, I'm not discouraged in a negative way. It's a sign that the program has reached the point where we realistically expect to win one of these games from time to time, and we are legitimately disappointed if we don't win. In a way, the fact that I'm disappointed about losing is a positive reflection on the overal state of the program. Make sense?

-I'm looking forward to the UNCC game now. If I can get a pass at home, I'll make the trip. (Family & kids come first, after all.) Beat the 49ers!!!

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Dick Barney '67 said...

I would try to keep Davidson basketball in perspective. To lose to two of the top ten teams in the country by narrow margins is no shame. I really think the NC State game will be a better indicator of whether this team really deserves to be ranked or have a better-than-13th seed in a NCAA bracket (by the way, bracketology now has them as high as 10th vs.Virginia in the first round). I am also impressed by Bob McKillip's pre-game interview that you posted. He is the perfect match for Davidson College regardless of whether he has ever beaten a ranked team.