Friday, September 22, 2006

Note from the author

I guess I need to get geared up to do this all over again. Don't take that the wrong way. That's not lack of desire in my voice. I'm looking forward to's just that the season has just snuck up on me. I still feel like basketball season just ended, and the new season is four or five months away. Hell, football just got started.

Last year, I didn't start this blog until mid-season (January), so my blogging activities only lasted for a couple of months, and it really wore me out by the end of the season. It got to be pretty intense trying to keep up with posting updates during the SoCon Tournament and the NCAA Tournament. It was, however, lots of fun. I'm not sure exactly what, if anything, will be different on the blog this season. I'll just let it flow and see where it takes us. Hopefully a few of you will read, and maybe even enjoy....perhaps post a comment or two?

I'm not sure how I even ended up doing this blog, to be honest. It just hit me last January that, unlike the big schools, there was not much of a way to keep up with DC basketball, other than the official website, which is very limited. I do love Davidson Basketball, but I'm not what you would really call a "basketball nut" by any stretch of the imagination. I don't follow stats (boring....can't stand all that fantasy football garbage), I don't watch basketball all the time during the season, and I try not to live and die by how my favorite teams are doing. (Life's too darn short for that type of approach.) I'm just pretty much an average basketball fan....and I happen to enjoy keeping up with the Wildcats. I figured there might be a few more of you like me out there that would enjoy reading this stuff and getting a few good links to articles about our team. So, I'll keep up the blogging this season. Hopefully we'll enjoy this year as much as last year.


Incidentally, I am contemplating some changes (hopefully improvements) to this blog. I'm not sure what all I will get done. I'm sure it will be a work in progress. It will also depend on family time, work, etc. After all, I do have a wife, two kids, and a law pratice to keep up with. As hard as it may be to believe, I don't get paid for this!


wild said...

Cute kid...who's the goober holding her?

C. Daniel said...

have you considered "contracting out" certain items? Perhaps it'd be easier for you to act as editor over a small writing "staff?" No doubt many would love to be able to contribute...