Sunday, September 10, 2006

Former All-American Wildcat, John Gerdy, writes books

Air Ball: American Education's Failed Experiment with Elite Athletics

John Gerdy, former Wildcat, is now Dr. John Gerdy (PhD).....another example of how Davidson athletes are truly student-athletes. Click here for a profile. Click here for some Gerdy quotes.

"Lest his theories be dismissed as the sour grapes of a "nerd" who never competed in "elite" sports, Gerdy is a former All-American basketball player at Davidson College, played professional in the Continental Basketball Association. He served as associate commissioner of the Southeastern Conference from 1989-1995 and as a legislative assistant at the NCAA from 1986-1989."

Click here to read article from The Clarion Ledger (Mississippi)

Click here to read release from the University Press of Mississippi

Click here to read an article that John Gerdy wrote (May 2006) for The Chronicle Review "For True Reform, Athletics Scholarships Must Go"

This is not Gerdy's first book. In 2002, Sports: The All-American Addiction was published.

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