Saturday, March 22, 2008

"World, meet Davidson's Stephen Curry."

Davidson's Curry hits 'em in, out, right, left, deep ...
By Ron Wagner

RALEIGH, N.C. -- World, meet Davidson's Stephen Curry. That goes double for you, ACC coaches.

The artist-formerly-known-as Dell Curry's son dropped 40 on Gonzaga on Friday, and as if that weren't painful enough for the likes of, say North Carolina State, he did in it Raleigh, right smack dab in the middle of the conference that essentially ignored him as a high school player at Charlotte Latin (of course, Stephen was playing point guard, but that's another story).

Sensational is the only way to describe Curry's performance against Gonzaga, starting with 80 percent shooting from the three-point line. The slender 6-3 sophomore hit 'em when he was open, he hit 'em when he was covered, he hit 'em going left and he hit 'em going right. A split second was all he needed to snap his wrist and release shots so soft you half expected to see a cooing baby on top of the ball as it floated through the net.

"He'd shoot it from 22 feet, and his ball was like he'd shot it from 5," Gonzaga's David Pendergraft said with a shake of his head. "It was that soft."

When things were said and done, Curry had given Davidson its first NCAA Tournament victory since 1969, set a school record for single-game scoring at a neutral site (breaking Terry Holland's mark of 39 set in 1961, and if you didn't know that was a stat you probably didn't recruit Curry of out high school, either) and left an arena full of fans gasping in astonishment.

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Anonymous said...

the irony of the media getting his high school wrong is priceless...charlotte christian, no wonder no one could find him in HS.

Anonymous said...

Wells - check out the story about Dell and Stephen Curry in the NY Times today:


Anonymous said...

victory christian..?