Monday, March 10, 2008

Thoughts on the weekend and tonight's finals

This was my initial plan for the tournament: drive to Charleston Saturday morning, go to the game, drive an hour to Edisto to spend the night, drive an hour back to Charleston for the game Sunday night, then drive home to Greenville after the game (got home around 11:15), then close 5 loans today at the office Monday, then leave to drive 200 miles back to Charleston for the game, spend the night, then drive 200 miles back to Greenville Tuesday morning and work the rest of the day.

Well, that all came together nicely until my car was dead this morning. Unfortunately, I will not be making the trip back to Charelston for tonight's game. I want to, but can't do it.

So, enough about that.

I feel confident about tonight's game, but Elon is the one team I did not want to play again. They gave us fits in both games this year, and I expect the same tonight. But, we've got a couple of things in our favor.

First, Elon is going to be playing their 4th game in 4 days. They will be running on fumes. Their collective tank may run dry late in the first half. We, on the other hand, have had 2 blowout wins, and have been able to rest our team a fair amount. This will be a big advantage. Look for Elon's shot to be coming up short often in the second half due to having tired legs.

Second, we have a better team. I'm not being an "arrogant Davidson fan"; it's just the truth. If the guys can get into playing their game, they should roll in this game as they have the past two nights.

Don't forget: ESPN2 tonight at 9:00.


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Anonymous said...

Nestor has been going very deep into the bench for a whole lot of minutes (and did so in our games this year). They will be tired after 3 straight games, but their guys haven't played as much as you would think. And Jason and Steph played a lot of minutes in our first two.