Sunday, March 16, 2008

NCAA Tournament pairing

Davidson gets #10 seed and will face Gonzaga in Raleigh on Friday!

Go Cats!!

My initial thoughts:
I really like this matchup. Gonzaga has been the standard by which all other "mid-majors" have been measured for a number of years. Having the chance to knock them off is exciting. Plus, this Gonzaga team is arguably not as strong as the Gonzaga teams of recent years. Additionally, Gonzaga is going to have to travel all the way across the continent for this game, and the crowd should be pro-Davidson. I imagine there will be a number of Tarheel fans pulling for Davidson, if they are in attendance.

In my opinion, this is easily the best matchup Davidson has had in the NCAA Tournament during the McKillop era.

This is exciting...very exciting.


Anonymous said...

Lets Go Zags! Watch out Davidosn this is a balanced Zag team. Good Night and Good Luck. Mostly Good Night!

Anonymous said...

Damn. I misspelled Davidson. Well I went to CC. couldnt get into Gonzaga. Maybe Davidson though.

Anonymous said...

Selection Committee definitely split the baby, giving us our deserved placement in Raleigh, but failed to give us the Seed our full season's success deserved. KAO '71.

Anonymous said...

Huh? South Alabama had a much higher RPI all season and they drew a 10 seed. Seems to me Davidson has nothing to complain about. If, but only, if they had won even one game against a team with a higher RPI, maybe but, hey, they didn't. Great team, one of Davidson's best ever but in reality just a top 40 team, not a top 20 team.

Anonymous said...

Go Wildcats!