Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kevin Cary's Observations from The Observer

Observations No. 23 Davidson 65, Elon 49
Southern Conference Championship

• Stephen Rossiter's parents missed the Davidson warm-ups, but they had a good reason.

Their other son, Ryan,also was playing Monday night for an NCAA tournament berth, for Siena in the Metro Atlantic Athletic conference title game. Steve Rossiter, their father, watched that game at a Charleston sports bar, then hustled into the arena for the start of Davidson's game.

"This is a great day, but hopefully it will be a better night," Rossiter said. It was at the start. Siena won 74-53.

• Davidson players had a special spectator for the second consecutive championship game. Dick Sanderson has ALS, a neurological condition; the players presented him with the net after last season's game. He took his customary spot in section 108.

• Davidson's crowd is not only loud, it is punctual. The fans filled up five sections of the arena 90 minutes before tip-off.

• Stephen Curry is getting more comfortable running the Wildcats offense. He directed teammates where to be on offensive sets and implored them to move around more in the motion offense.

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