Sunday, July 29, 2007

Members of The Residew reunite

If you were not at Davidson in the early 1990s, you may be asking "Who is The Residew?"

Well, The Residew is only the greatest Davidson cover band ever. Many of us from the early 90s have so many memories of being at parties on Patterson Court while Brad Reddick blazed away on a guitar solo, or Chip Petree launched into the bass intro to "Fat Albert", or Joe Binns banged away on the drums - intentionally and tastefully speeding up or slowing down the tempo in certain songs as The Residew often did.

I'm glad to hear that they got back together to have some fun....and sort of wish I had seen it.

I used to have a tape of a show The Residew played at a party once, but it disappeared many years ago. I actually wish I still had it.

Anybody still have a tape floating around somewhere?

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