Sunday, July 15, 2007

Curry interview: Team USA

On the long travel day and his first impression of Serbia:
It's my first time over in Europe, so it's definitely a change from back in the States. The travel day was kinda long, just sitting in the airport and the long flight. We got over here, and it was tough adjusting to the time difference. The first practice was a little rough, but it got us adjusted to playing over here. I'm just having fun touring the city and practicing before the games.

On seeing McDonald's down the street from the hotel:
I'm happy to see McDonald's and some food that I recognize, but a different culture is an eye-opening experience. Stepping out of the box and being in a different country is always fun, so I'm enjoying it.

Do you know about the history between the USA and Serbia?
I'm just learning about the history and what happened back in the day, but definitely we want to handle ourselves responsibly, act right all the time and have our best behavior to represent our country well.

On first game:
That's what I've been waiting for since I got here. Practice is fun, but it's all about the games when it comes down to it. I've been looking forward to it. Sitting down here, looking at all the teams and stuff, it's starting to sink in that tomorrow we're going to be playing tomorrow, and I'll definitely be ready.

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